MAP2ERA combines key partners from Morocco or belonging to ERA: NIMAP, Sub-CCM, University of Alicante and GIRAF.


NIMAP – National Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants. Created in the nearest past with the mission to integrate the Moroccan research capabilities inthe field of agriculture, traditional medicine and environment. NIMAP Possesses cuttingedge research facilities for agricultural experiments, chemistry and biochemistry (incl. phyto-biotechnology) research. One of the most modern and capable research centres of Morocco, leading research Institute in its field in Africa. If so, integration of NIMAP into ERA will deliver a significant impact on the whole Moroccan science system. NIMAP will be the main beneficiary and driving force of the project..

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ICSN – Institute of Natural Products’ Chemistry of CNRS – Government funded research umbrella of France. One of the largest chemistry research institutes in France, located on the exceptional campus of the Center for Research in Gif, the Institute is home to approximately 270 scientists, students, postdocs, technicians and administrators. The ICSN’s activities cover all aspects of natural products chemistry and biology and are supported by an exceptional set of analytical instrumentation. Research profile, areas of research interests and capacities match perfectly the ones of NIMAP. In the project, ICNS CNRS will serve as an exemplary twinning research partner for NIMAP, a partner providing its scientific and networking capabilities – an important relay to the European RTD community.

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University of Alicante

UA - University of Alicante. UA is a young and extraordinary dynamic Spanish University with full spectrum of academic and research competencies. Several research departments of the University (e.g. Institutes of Chemical Processes and Biodiversity) work on the topics relevant to the research interests of NIMAP and will reinforce the partnering efforts led by ICSN. But, above all, the University possesses really unique experiences in supporting and facilitating internationalization activities in science and technology. UA will share this expertise with NIMAP.

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GIRAF – GIRAF-PM e.K. is a well-established and experienced European training provider and consultancy that has been involved in more than 20 European research projects and CSAs, and delivered more than 25 research, innovation and project management training workshops around the world. With its longstanding excellence in training and international project management, GIRAF will guarantee a high quality complementary research capacity building and support the coordinator in running the project.

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ICSN Pilot-Unit

The ICSN Pilot-Unit is a research & developpement laboratory belonging to the Institute of Chemistry of Natural compounds (ICNS). The Pilot Unit is the largest laboratory in France in the field of discovery and valorization of bioactive natural compounds from microbial origin. The Pilot Unit of ICSN develops original technologies and devices for large scale SSF cultivation (Platotex) and High-Pressure High-Temperature extraction (Zippertex). The combination of these technologies offers high yields and diversity of compounds from selected microorganisms. The Pilot Unit uses also Biocatalysis to enhance the chemo-diversity around abundant natural unfunctionalized or toxic natural compounds to improve chemical and biological properties. Another activity of the Pilot-Unit is dedicated to the production of target proteins in antibiotic therapy and the setting up of high throughput screening bioassays. The pilot-Unit offers support and training to local, national and international partners, and represents the Ideal counterpart for building collaborative international projects.

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